4 Tips to Deal With Skin Pigmentation Issues

26 January 2018
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If you're dealing with skin discoloration or skin pigmentation issues, it can make everyday life stressful and upsetting. You may feel uncomfortable in your own skin. The good news is there are steps that you can take to make improvements that will allow you to feel more at ease. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips to help you better deal with skin pigmentation issues.  Take the Right Vitamins If you're not upping your vitamin and nutrient game, now is the time to do so. Read More 

3 Tips For Doing Your Own Waxing

18 December 2017
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If you have a lot of body hair that you'd like to get rid of, but you don't like the idea of having someone else remove it for you, then you can always do it yourself. An excellent way to get rid of this body hair is by waxing it off. Waxing removes the entire hair follicle, so it takes much longer for the hair to grow back in than if you were simply shaving the hair down to skin level. Read More 

How Not To Cover Gray Hair For Brunettes

24 February 2017
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Most people will dye their hair back to its natural color when they see that first strand of gray hair. This approach is not always the best if you want a natural looking hair color. When you turn gray, it causes your hair and skin to lose pigmentation. If your hair is naturally dark and you dye it back to its original color, then it can create a harsh contrast with your skin tone. Read More 

Important Benefits of the Cold Cap for Chemotherapy-related Hair Loss

3 January 2017
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If you have recently been diagnosed with chemotherapy and your oncologist has recommended chemotherapy, there are many side effects you might be warned about. Two of the most common ones are nausea and hair loss. While there are a wide variety of treatments for your nausea, including both prescription and homeopathic medications, until recently there was little that could be done for the hair loss. Fortunately, cold caps work to preserve the hair follicles that are frequently damaged by chemotherapy is a viable option that has helped many patients to limit their hair loss. Read More 

Ways To Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles And Tighten Skin On Your Face

26 July 2016
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If you have fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form around your eyes and mouth due to years of sun exposure, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance and worry about looking older than your age. Try one of the following ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firm up your skin in order to counteract the signs of skin damage or aging. Face Firming Serum Serums that are designed to be used on the skin are packed with antioxidants, which are capable of reducing fine lines, firming skin, reducing redness, and eliminating brown spots. Read More